WordPress Performance

Reliable Server Stack

Our server stacks have been optimised for reliability and performance. Nginx handles static content and provides super-fast delivery downstream to the WAF. Dynamic requests are passed to Apache and PHP-FPM providing streamlined and faster processing of dynamic requests.

WordPress Performance

Our Layered approach to WordPress performance manages your website’s performance at all levels. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your WordPress website are reviewed and analysed on an on-going basis. Our website analysts provide targeted actionable items for the on-going health and performance of your website.

Dedicated Hosting Cluster

All our customers’ websites are provided with dedicated hosting clusters, which have dedicated and distributed server resources. The limitations of shared hosting and singular Virtual Machines are overcome ensuring maximum server performance for your WordPress website.

Integrated CDN

Our Website Firewall (WAF) incorporates a transparent Content Delivery Network (CDN) that improves your website speed across the globe. The global content network delivers superior performance by geographically caching static assets; providing locally faster response times; and reduces network traffic loads on your servers.

Auto-Healing Managed Cluster

You don’t have to worry about your server crashing. Most server, network, and software issues are resolved with a combination of auto-healing restarts and our standby Cluster Nodes. Your standby cluster will continue to service website visitors during the auto-healing process.

High Availability & Redundancy

High availability and redundancy in case of network, data centre, service provider or server failure. The MetaShield Hosting Cluster has been designed with redundancy and availability at its core. All websites are critical to a business, no matter the business size. Our systems architecture has been designed to provide affordable, reliable, high availability for every customer.

Fast HTTP/2 Support

HTTP/2 significantly improves communication performance between web firewalls, web servers, and client web browsers.Our cluster node servers and web firewalls have HTTP/2 enabled to boost communication performance.

PHP 8.x Servers

All our servers are PHP 8.0 ready. PHP 8.0 performs significantly faster than its predecessors allowing your website to handle more requests and deliver dynamic pages faster to your customers.

SSD-Based Hosting

SSD drives are 3 times faster, reduce page load times and deliver your digital assets to your customers with lightning speed. SSD drives are used for application, database and operating system storage.

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