Business Continuity & Recovery in the event of disaster

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity for WordPress Websites

Your Business’ website forms a critical link to your customer sales communication and business operations. In the event of a a disaster; reliable and speedy recovery is key to business continuity.

– Disasters can first be avoided through Mitigation

– Recovery Play Book Established for Known Scenarios

– Robust Testing of Fallback/Recovery Plans for Unknown Scenarios

Multi-Tier Disaster Recovery

MetaShield’s Managed WordPress Hosting Infrastructure provides a multi-tiered approach to application and data backup, and disaster recovery. The disaster recovery procedures are tested on a regular basis to ensure integrity of the recovery process.

Dedicated VPS Server Nodes

At MetaShield we host our managed WordPress customers on dedicated and fully maintained VPS server nodes. Dedicated VPS Servers ensure issues on one website does not affect the performance of your website.
Common Disasters we encounter in Shared Hosting:
– Slow website performance with regular outages
– Spamlisting & Blocklisting of Brands with Shared Hosting IP
– Malware cross infections from infected shared hosting
– Use of outdated server stacks with known vulnerabilities
Our migration team will safely clean, migrate, upgrade and transfer your website to dedicated and isolated VPS hosting.

Standby Data Centres

MetaPress Business Hosting Plans come with Geo & Data Centre Provider warm standby replicated VPS nodes. Nodes are replicated within the EU geographic territory providing compliant with geographic and provider resilient failover options.

Automatic Backups with 1-Click Restore

All of our fully managed WordPress hosting plans come with both automated and on-demand backup. Backups are created at an off-site location and can be restored with 1-Click.

Server & Application Delete Restore

Both Servers and instances of WordPress come with a 15 day delete protection. Should a server or application be accidentally or maliciously deleted it can be recovered from the last backup.

Malware Infection & Hack Recovery

Independent internal and external Malware scanning and protection provides peace of mind and on-going security for your websites. We prevent future attacks and more often than not fix hacks for new customers that have had their site infected/breached. We partner with Sucuri to provide additional forensics and malware clean-up to ensure a website is fully cleansed.

Our engineers will establish a clean copy of the website (cleansed or from backup restore) on a new secured VPS host. Diagnostics will perform to attempt to establish to source of the infection. The restored website will be patched and updated and the clean copy monitored for re-infection.

Audit Controls & ISO 27001

Assets Registers, change control logs and historical system scans are maintained for our fully managed WordPress hosting and maintenance. Our controls may be used in conjunction with an internal organisations controls to achieve ISO27001 compliance.

In the event of a disaster involving a Data Breach; reporting to regulatory authorities may be required (eg: GDPR). Our fully managed WordPress hosting and maintenance registers and controls have been used to assist with incident obligations and on-going compliance and best practice.

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